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We work in agile teams, and through genuine teamwork and close collaboration with customers, we provide rapid and effective execution of projects.

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Sound research, data-driven analysis, and direction

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Efficient, accessible user experiences that delight users

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Advanced software that delivers on technical excellence

Since 2000

We have successfully delivered innovative end-to-end solutions and solved unique challenges related to workflow, collaboration, and automation in several sectors.

  • Learning and Education
  • Knowledge Management
  • Media and Broadcast
  • Collaborative Tools
  • Accessibility and Captioning
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We've created four successful products over the last five years

Used by hundreds of organizations to improve the lives of millions of people. Our values and passion shape our products to help organizations make content accessible and user-friendly, improve the online learning experience, and use video to communicate in groundbreaking ways. Frameweld's products are all self-funded and created in-house by our passionate team.

We nurture our products through an organic process with a strong emphasis on research and data, user experience, and intuitive workflows. Throughout we use an agile approach and iterative development, responsive to customer needs. Our products are available through an API and meet high standards for performance, reliability, and security.


SyncWords automates closed captioning with precision, when you provide media and a transcript. Built using proprietary deep neural network technology, SyncWords is the industry leader in accuracy, performance, and caption quality.


Encourse is a learning platform that enables flexible course creation and custom learning workflows. It supports diverse instructional approaches, from flipped classroom models to self-paced certification courses.


Recapd delivers live captions to the web - to your browser, mobile device or embedded on your website. Used in broadcast, government, and education, Recapd enables clients to archive, export, and search through countless hours of captions.


Workshop provides a better way to present video for online learning and events. Easily create and deliver compelling rich media presentations that are accessible and make content instantly findable through powerful search features.