Use the apostrophe or not?  That’s one of the little debates circulating these days at Frameweld.  I’m leaning towards the apostrophe’d version because it “feels” right but some practical considerations argue for the un-contracted version. The live captioning application lives at since it’s not possible to work apostrophes into URLs.  No apostrophe in the logo either (pretty clear where Mykal stands on this one).  My guess is that users are more likely to search for Recapd over Recap’d, though both are tough unless someone is already familiar with the brand.  That’s a few checks in the Recapd column, so why use the ‘d? My reasons are entirely subjective.  Recap’d comes across as more memborable and friendlier than Recapd.  The lack of an apostrophe makes it feel mashed together.  Recap’d clearly communicates its pronunciation.  Can we really say the same about Recapd?  If you were visiting the site for the first time and saw “Recapd” would you wonder how it was pronounced or hesitate before figuring it out?  Would it look like rec-a-pd, a social sharing service for professional development resources perhaps? Care to weigh in on the subject?

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