As one of the developers for our new captioning product, Recap’d (, I have spent the last few weeks making some exciting changes to the product. Recap’d collects live captions during an event, call, meeting, or program and pushes them on to the web in real-time. Captions can be accessed online via a widget that is embeddable on any website or through a dedicated web page for the event. Live captions are stored in Recap’d as an archived verbatim transcript of the event. Transcripts can be edited and exported in various formats to make them easy to reuse. Recap’d also provides powerful search through collections of transcripts to make information instantly findable.

The event-listing pages (upcoming and archived) no longer load every event every time each time they are accessed; instead they only load the first ten events. If the user needs to view more events, a load more button has been added to the bottom of the page for just that purpose. The events can also be sorted by title, start time, and end time in either ascending or descending order. Best of all each archived event now contains a link for downloading a SAMI (Windows Media captioning format) file of the event’s transcript.

Speaking of transcripts, the event transcript pages have seen some major revisions as well, particularly the editing section. The page now loads in chunks, so computers with slower connections won’t freeze up when accessing some of the longer transcripts. Timecodes can be shifted backwards and forwards (before they could only be moved ahead) by any amount the user specifies. Each individual timecode can be changed by hand or the user can opt to shift every timecode by the same amount all at once. Finally, the undo button has been revamped, it no longer reloads the page or undoes every change the user has taken since accessing the transcript. Instead, the transcript page keeps a queue of the users changes and quickly reverts the latest change each time the user clicks undo.

We have also improved the performance of Recap’d on mobile devices. We have included a set of buttons to increase or decrease the font size, change the text and background color and a button to start and stop the auto-scroll.

We are getting closer to one strong version of a great product and are looking forward to hearing your feedback if you’ve had the opportunity to work with Recap’d.

Recap'd on Mobile Device Horizontal View

Recap'd on Mobile Device Vertical View

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